all you need is love (and pets)

When you’re looking for love, it helps to look in the right place. Where to start? Hmm… What’s furry, friendly, earnest, goofy, playful… You know what we’re talking about. When dogs are near, love just seems to be in the air. Humans and canines have been working our symbiotic relationship for a long time, and we’ve all got it figured out pretty well. In fact, it feels like it keeps getting better. Nice work, everybody.

If your dog happens to be next to you right now, this could be a good time for a scratch behind the ears. Doesn’t that feel nice?

Don’t have a dog? Wait, let’s edit that: Don’t have a dog… yet? Well, if there’s something you can do about that, maybe now’s the time. It sure is a great way to boost your love life.

More than love?

Over our many years with pets (canine, feline, or otherwise), we’ve found they benefit us in unexpected ways. Of course, a pet can help you feel less lonely, but did you know pets can also help in more medical ways? The Centers for Disease Control has found that pets can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels.

Additionally, pet ownership can lead to increased exercise and activity as well as more chances for socialization, as you inherently have to stay active to keep up with your pet and its health. (Be mindful of social distancing and face covering guidelines). Turns out our love for pets continues to pay us back.

Did we mention cats?

Sometimes, our love for pets is so strong, it almost verges on obsession. But, historically, that’s not as bizarre as it might seem. In ancient Egypt, cats were actually worshipped (we’ve had cats, we get it), and some gods were even depicted in feline form.

Still, ancient Egyptians likely weren’t the first to domesticate cats. There’s good evidence that cats and humans started becoming closer friends as far back as 7,500 BCE in Cyprus. That makes our loving relationship with cats almost 10,000 years old.

Oh, how time flies (even when you spend 16 hours a day napping – we’re looking at you, kitties.)

Keep the love coming

From work to play to just cuddling on the couch, pets have warmly, lovingly, and adorably worked their way into our lives, and we couldn’t be happier about it. And that’s why Banfield Pet Hospital is here for you and the pets you love. Explore Banfield’s affordable Optimum Wellness Plans®, which bundle a year's worth of petcare services, at a significant discount, into 12 easy monthly payments.

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