pet costumes, no mask required

In the old days (2019, for example), people's Halloween costumes didn't always include a mask. Sure, you’d see your share of doctors, veterinarians, super heroes, maybe an occasional old-timey bank robber or two. But this year, almost every kid who gets a chance to dress up will probably be wearing a face covering. Masked witches? Yep. Masked dinosaurs? Of course.

Fortunately, pets don’t need masks, which makes them the perfect Halloween companions this year. You can dress up your dog (or cat – well, good luck with that), celebrate right in the comfort of your home, and then share their cuteness all over the internet. Heck, this could be the biggest year ever for costumed pet pics on social media. So put your creative hat on and let’s have some fun.

Keep it simple

Some dogs are willing to wear full costumes, but most aren’t. Don’t go overboard, because it won’t be fun for either of you if it’s a hassle. Looking for an easy and safe way to dress up your pet? Buy or make your own “scary” bandana – look for fabric with ghosts or goblins or maybe something more dog-themed, like Halloween-orange fire hydrants.

Go big (if your dog is willing)

If your pup has been known to wear a jacket, they might be a candidate for the best costume award this year – with your help, of course. Dogs who wear jackets are probably more likely to tolerate a more substantial Halloween costume, and there are plenty of fun options –dinosaur, pumpkin, and hot dog come to mind.

Stay safe or stay naked

Don’t put any costumes or accessories on your pet that are too tight, restrict movement, obstruct breathing, or cause sore spots. Watch out for strings, capes, belts, rubber bands, and other items that could get caught, and avoid loose fabric and buttons, which could be choking hazards.


Have your dog try on the costume a few days before Halloween to get comfortable. And again, if it’s not working, don’t force things. You can lead a dog to water, but you can’t make him wear a bunny suit. And no matter what kind of costume you choose, keep dress-up time short and don’t leave costumes on pets without your supervision.

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