home dental care for cats and dogs

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Dogs and cats can't brush, but you can help

Good home care, plus veterinary oral exams and professional teeth cleaning, can all help keep your BFF’s mouth healthy and happy. We’re here for love and pet oral health with brushing tips and advice on dental treats and diets. Together, we can help block the buildup of yellowy-brown gunk on your pet’s teeth.

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Help reduce the plaque on your pet’s teeth before it turns into crusty, stinky deposits of bacteria-laden tartar.

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Yes, you should brush your pet’s teeth

Without a little human help, the natural plaque on your pet’s teeth will harden into tartar, which is stinky, full of bacteria, and causes gum irritation that can lead to tooth loss and other serious problems. We’ve got tips to help get you started.

How to brush your pet’s teeth

Dental diets can help tackle tartar

Even if your BFF absolutely refuses to let you brush, you can still sneak in a little love for healthy teeth and gums at home. Your veterinary team can advise you about specially formulated dental diets and other solutions to help reduce dental plaque.

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Dental treats are treats, not treatment

If your pet thinks they’re yummy, one or two daily dental treats can be a great supplement to regular brushing and a yearly professional dental cleaning.  Also, if your dog likes to chew, try dental chews. They can help dogs to remove soft debris from their teeth, making it a great supplement to brushing. Ask your veterinary team for their recommendations for your pet.

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