parasite control, prevention, and treatment for dogs and puppies

Help for parasites like fleas, ticks, worms, mange, and more

We’re here for the love, health, and happiness of your dog, and that means safe and effective protection against parasites. From fleas and ticks, to heartworms and roundworms and tapeworms, to diarrhea-causing bugs and beyond, your Banfield veterinary team can help you figure out the right parasite treatment and protection for your dogBFF’s age, need, breed, and lifestyle.

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Foil fleas on your dog and at home

We’re here with flea control and prevention. Help stop flea infestations that make your BFF miserable and spread illness and disease.

How to fight fleas
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Tackle ticks and prevent Lyme Disease

Just seeing ticks on pets or people can be upsetting. Help prevent Lyme Disease and other tick-carried icks that can make you and your pet sick.

How to tackle ticks
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Prevent heartworm infestation

Heartworm can literally break your dog’s heart. We’re here with prevention to help prevent heartworms from camping out in your dog’s arteries.

Help for heartworm
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Deworming for roundworms, and more

Intestinal worms, including hookworm, aren’t just gross. They can deprive your dog of important nutrients your BFF needs to stay healthy and happy.

What to do about worms
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Avoid miserable mange, mites and fungus

Skin parasites, like scabies, mite overgrowths, and ringworm, can make dogs super uncomfortable, and disguise or lead to other health issues.

More on mange, ear mites, and fungus
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Oh boy, parasite-caused dog diarrhea

Tiny organisms like Giardia can cause digestive upset in dogs and people. Here’s what to know about how parasites cause runny poop.

Giardia and more poopbusters
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